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For more than 15 years, KSI has had a Compliance Department to assist clients,  perform random internal audits and assist operations with compliance questions/issues.  Currently, this department consists of two licensed brokers with a total of over 50 years import experience and administrative/operational support.


KSI’s Compliance Department has performed import compliance assessments, by reviewing  importers classifications, valuation, documentation, recordkeeping, country of origin evidence, and receiving records.  This includes being involved as consultants or advocates with clients Focused Assessments.


In addition, the Compliance Department has been involved in creating, completing and/or correcting Classification Databases for imports and exports, and have set up Compliance Improvement Plans, sometimes with Customs approval.


The Compliance Department has played a leading role in clients Special Programs/Certifications and Special Provisions reviews.  This includes NAFTA, GSP, and Singapore FTA reviews and certifications, as well as Offshore Assembly and U.S. Goods Returned Special Provisions consultation/reviews, etc.


KSI’s Compliance Department provides introductory and other import training presentations to importers, and provides information and consultation on new programs like C-TPAT & Bioterrorism.


For the above services or other issues please contact KSI. .